Other Xtras

Buddy Menu

Buddy Menu provides standard OS style popup menus. Available for Windows, Macintosh and Shockwave. The Macintosh download includes both PPC for Director MX2004 and UB for Director 11.  A licence cost $US 40. Note that Buddy Menu is distributed as unlocked software and does not need a registration code to operate.

 Windows 1.2       Macintosh 1.3     Purchase


Buddy Web

Buddy Web is a Windows only xtra to work with internet based files. A licence costs US $100. Windows and  Shockwave Windows. A Shockwave demonstration is available here.

Windows 1.0     Purchase


MoveCursor Shockwave

MoveCursor xtra positions the cursor anywhere on the screen. It includes Windows, Macintosh and Shockwave versions. Macintosh versions for PPC for Director MX 2004 and UB for Director 11 are included. This xtra is free.

Version 1.1 

Version 1.3 beta is here. This version fixes a problem where the OSX D11 xtra 'locked' the mouse cursor for 100ms after moving it. The D10 and Windows version are not affected.


MouseWheel Xtra

MouseWheel xtra enables the use of the Mouse Wheel. It is a Windows only xtra. A Macintosh version by Antoine Schmitt is available at http://www.schmittmachine.com This xtra is free.

 Windows 1.1


DropFile Xtra

DropFile xtra allows the user to drop files on to the Director stage. Windows only. Version 2 supports Unicode file names on Director 11. This xtra is free.

 Windows 2.0


Buddy Tray Xtra

Buddy Tray Xtra creates a system tray icon for the projector. Windows only. This xtra is free.

 Windows 1.1