Buddy File

Buddy File is an Xtra for use with Adobe Director and Authorware which provides functions to read and write text and binary files, with optional BlowFish encryption. It can also save Director lists including most data types including strings, integers, floats, member.media, also with optional encryption.

Buddy File is designed to work in conjunction with Buddy API, but does not require that xtra to operate.

It is available in Windows and Macintosh for Director MX 2004 and 11.

Version 3.1.2 adds:
baSetCodePage to set the code page for text to UTF8 conversions.
Functions to read and write UTF16 format text files.
The list functions can now use numbers as properties in a property list.
Fixed a problem where saving property lists containing two properties with the same name were not saved correctly.
Fixed a problem reading property lists containing a list containing a VOID value.



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