Please note that previous Macintosh versions of Buddy API did not need to be registered. From Version 4, the Macintosh will need to be registered.

There are two methods for registering Buddy API. You can use the registration utility at to create a registered copy of the xtra; or you can use baRegister in your script. You can choose to use either method.

There isn't a separate registered version - you use the registration utility to convert the unregistered version available on the web site into a registered version for your own use. This scheme means you can always download and register the latest version from the web site. Please read the readme file included with the registration utility for full details on the process involved.

After going through the registration process, you can use the Xtra version without using the baRegister command - although you can still do so if you wish to.

Please note that your licence agreement prohibits you from distributing the registered version unless it is included as a part of your own software product. We also ask that if you are making your product available for free download from the internet, that you include the unregistered version and use the baRegister command.

Details on pricing and ordering of Buddy API can be found at