Buddy API Pricing

Buddy API comes in 3 different versions. The versions are the same file, all that changes is the number of functions you can use in a projector/application. The unregistered version allows the use of 2 different functions, the Limited allows the use of 7, the Full version all functions. You can call any function in the xtra, and you can call it as many times as you like. You can use different functions in different projectors, all that matters is that the total number of functions you call in one projector does not exceed your limit.

To use the unregistered version, download and use it - it does not require any changes to operate.

A Full version of Buddy API costs $US 225, the Limited version costs $US 115. Upgrade prices for present users are available for half the full cost. Note that purchasers after 1st November 2007 are entitled to a free upgrade - please get in contact if you have not received your new registration code.

These prices are for a single licence for a single developer. Discounts for multiple licences are available on the ShareIt order page.

There are no runtime or royalty fees.

Australia has a Goods and Services Tax of 10%, which applies to software sales.
Australian residents will be charged the GST. Magic Modules Pty Ltd (ABN 74087062575) is registered for GST and Australian companies will receive a tax invoice so that the GST paid can be claimed back as a tax credit if the company is also registered for GST. Because the billing is in US dollars, please contact us with the exact amount you paid in Australian dollars so we can send you an appropriate Tax Invoice.
Customers not resident in Australia do not pay the GST.

Educational institutions and students may use a special educational version without charge. If you believe you are entitled to this usage, please contact Gary Smith for a registration number. Direct e-mail support is not provided for these users. Educational institutions wishing to use Buddy API Xtra in classroom situations should also contact me for information about pricing and conditions.

After you have registered, you will be provided with a code to unlock the Xtra by e-mail. To keep prices as low as possible, disks and printed manuals are not provided. However, if your company or organisation requires that you receive something 'physical', please get in touch and I will arrange to have disks delivered.