Bug Watch

Bugs reported for Windows 4.0
baCopyText and baPasteText did not completely support Unicode text.
The baPrompt and baLogIn dilaogs did not completely support Unicode text.
Calling baFileDateEx more than 256 times caused a crash.
baGetFolder did not set the initial directory correctly.
baEncryptText would sometimes not encode the last character correctly.
baTaskDialog did not set the correct lines for buttons 4 and 5.
baHideTaskbar did not hide the Start Button on Vista.
The CopyProgress functions did not show an animation when requested.
baSetDisplay and baSetDisplayEx did not return information when used in "test" mode.
The Buddy Help file did not open on some XP systems.
The CopyProgress functions did not work on Director 11.5 when using the callback option.
The CopyProgress dialog would sometimes not close when copying from slow media and no files were found to copy.
Using baSetWindowState with baWinHandle on a full screen projector used the stage instead of the background window.
Version 4.07 is available to fix these problems.

Bugs reported for Macintosh 4.0

baSysFolder does not work correctly with boot drives containing Japanese characters.
The CopyProgress functions did not set the correct time stamp on copied files.
The CopyProgress functions added an extra resource when the file contained a custom icon.
baCopyText and baPasteText did not completely support Unicode text.
baGetFolder does not not set the Start Folder correctly.
There are various problems when using HFS format names with files containing accented characters.
baMsgBox and baMsgBoxEx do not display characters with accented characters correctly.
baGetFilename when used with the "save" option, and returning HFS names, included a Unix folder separator.
The baXCopyProgress function did not copy symbolic links when using Unix names.
Version 4.07 is available to fix these problems. Other changes include:
baSysFolder changed to allow 'user' folder to be explicitly searched.
baDisableSwitching added.
HFS file names can now contain Unicode characters and names longer that 31 characters.
Option added to use system commands in baShell.
Options added to not show bundles in baGetFileName.

Some registration problems with User names with Unicode characters were found. New versions of the registration programs are available to fix this. The original version 4 registration programs can not be used with the current version 4 releases.


Bugs reported for Windows Version 3.7
Passing an extension or file name longer than 14 characters to baFindApp will result in a crash.
Under XP SP2, baCommandArgs did not work if a file was associated to a projector, and started by double-clicking the file in Explorer.
baOpenFile does not work on .fdf files with Acrobat 7.0 - Adobe did not implement an 'open' association for .fdf files. There is a similar problem with PowerPoint 2003 viewer.
The progress copy routines could sometimes fail when copying files larger than 2gb under Win98.
Using baVersion( "qt3" ) more than once when QuickTime 7 was installed would cause a crash.
baFindApp( "mov" ) failed on Windows 2000 with QuickTime 7 because Apple did not correctly enter registry information.
Version 3.74 progress copy functions did not work when using the callback function without a dialog.
Added a new function baGetFilenameEx that can set the initial view of the file dialog.
baFindFirstFile locked the folder passed in, and any subfolders, so they could not be deleted.
baVersion( "os" ) now returns "WinVista" on Vista.

Version 3.79 is available to fix these problems.

does not work in Vista.  A new xtra is available to change volume on Vista.

Bugs reported for Macintosh Version 1.7
When returning Unix names, some file names with accented characters were not returned properly.
baUserName, baUserShortName, and baComputerName crashed under some 10.4 systems.
baGetFileName returned a maximum of 200 characters when returning multiple files names You can now use up to 10 extensions to filter the displayed file names.
An option added to baSysFolder to get the common preferences folder. 
baFileAge failed when run on Intel Macs. This also caused the copy progress functions to crash when the IfNewer option was specified.  Version 1.79 is available to fix these problems.


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